Takinoyu ( echigoyuzawa-onsen )

Welcome to Takinoyu ( echigoyuzawa-onsen ) surrounded by nature

Enjoy exquisite dishes made with seasonal ingredients.
A total of 18 guest rooms, each with a different style and warmth.
Open the window and occupy the magnificent landscape of Echigo-Yuzawa
Heal your daily fatigue at Yuzawa’s Natural Hot Spring
Enjoy various scenery depending on the season.

Takinoyu ( echigoyuzawa-onsen ) you can experience the four seasons.

The lounge has been renovated.

  • The entire renovation is a Takinoyu motif

    The entire renovation is a Takinoyu motif
    Each name is named after “bamboo”!
    Originally the lobby lounge was transformed into “Restaurant Bamboo shoots”!
    We can provide breakfast, dinner, and even lunch! It is also 0K for use by non-guests.
    Please be sure to make a reservation | Available from 1 person!
     Reception is from 8:00 to 1:30 p.m. Room break is also available separately (room ¥5,500/2 hours)
     Lunch out of room 0K
    ★Dinner:From 5:30pm
     Please make a reservation by 12:00 on the day of reception.

    Furthermore, the second floor, which was originally a banquet hall of 131 square meters, has been reduced in size → transformed into a small banquet hall!
    Another space that used to be a shop is now a cloakroom that is connected to the front desk!

80% of employees use "work name"

  • 80% of employees use "work name"

    "80% of employees use" work names "" To prevent stalking damage ... What happened at a hot spring inn that stopped serving customers with their real names

    Hot spring service manager's work technique- "Takinoyu ( echigoyuzawa-onsen )" Yukiko Nagamatsu

    Japan is about to enter the third summer since the beginning of the Corona -ka.In the lodging industry, which continues to be in a difficult situation, hot spring inns nationwide are seeking new "hospitality" while taking measures against infection."Service managers" from all over the world continue to be at the forefront of this.… (Excerpt)

Deals only on the Official

  • Reservation limited gift from the Official

    A 1,000 yen voucher for use within the facility.
    ・One ticket per room.
    ・It will not be exchanged for cash.
    ・Please understand that no change will be given.
    ・Applicable to guests with plan that includes 2 or more people per room and 1 night with meals included.
    ・Customers applying for a one-night stay plan with breakfast or no meals are not eligible.
    ・Please use it for drinks at dinner, shops, and lounges.

Oyado TakinoyuYouTube of Calm

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    7 minutes walk from Echigo-Yuzawa Station.
    Takinoyu ( echigoyuzawa-onsen ) a peaceful inn located on a hill in a hot spring town.

    Please subscribe to the channel as well.

Reservation / Inquiry

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