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A total of 17 guest rooms, each with a different style and warmth.

Rooms with a cypress bath that flows directly from the source spring, and wheelchair users and their companions can spend time from the same perspective.
We have various types of guest rooms, such as Japanese-style and Western-style rooms with twin bedrooms with Takaza-zen.
  • Standard Room

    It is a general Japanese-style room where you can relax and relax.
    All rooms are equipped with toilets and bathtubs with washing machines.

    From the wide edge with a feeling of openness, the hot spring town and the winter scenery dyed white with snow,
    You can enjoy a rich view such as a powerful starry sky.

    Room details

    18 square meters:5 people (currently 3 to 4 people due to Preventive Measures Against Corona Infection) / 23 square meters:6 people/27 square meters:7 people
    Number of rooms
    13 rooms
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    Toilet/bathtub/Toilet with washer/refrigerator/safe/TV set/Water kettle
  • Kikyo-no-ma Ma- Special room with open-air bath

    This is a special room with a capacity of 2 to 6 people, a main Japanese-style room of 27 square meters, a twin bed room, a hot spring bath with a view, and a massage chair.
    As it is located on a high floor (4th floor), the view is very good, and you can see the hot spring town, Shinkansen, and the distant mountains.
    You can enjoy the fresh water from the source while looking at the cityscape of Echigo-Yuzawa

    There are two toilets with a washing machine, and there is also a bathtub separate from the observation bath.
    Recommended for staying in 2 or 3 households.
    Also, please use it for staying on anniversaries and special occasions.

    Room details

    7 people(Due to Preventive Measures Against Corona Infection, there are currently 5 people.)
    Japanese-style room 27 square meters + twin bed room + observation bath with natural hot spring water
    Number of rooms
    1 room
    The only special room in the hotel.
    With hot spring.
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    A free-flowing observation bath from the source/bathtub/2 toilets with washers/bedroom
    2 wash basins/massage chair/refrigerator/liquid crystal television/safe/Water kettle
  • Rindo-no-ma Japanese + Western-style room

    A 24 square meter Japanese-style room + twin bed room that can accommodate 2 to 7 people where you can relax and unwind.
    This is a calming room with a Japanese feel throughout.

    The Japanese-style room and bedroom are half-separated with fusuma sliding doors.
    The entire guest room is unified with a Japanese taste to create a calm atmosphere.
    In addition to being used by couples, we also recommend this room for guests who wish to stay in two rooms, as well as elderly guests who have difficulty walking.

    Room details

    7 people
    Japanese + Western room 24 square meters + twin bed room
    Number of rooms
    1 room
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    bathtub/Toilet with washer/bedroom/Wash basin/massage chair
    2 TVs(1 Japanese-style room and 1 bedroom)/2 refrigerators/safe/Water kettle
  • Hagi-no-ma barrier-free Japanese + Western-style room

    Based on the opinions of caregivers and those being cared for, we have designed rooms that are more comfortable for wheelchair users and elderly people with mobility issues.
    The long-awaited "barrier-free room" was born with the concept of.
    The Japanese-style room and bedroom are highly unique, and it is easy to ensure the privacy of each other, so it is also recommended for multi-family accommodation.

    【Main room:Japanese-style room 23 square meters】
    High seat table and chairs are available.You can go up to the tatami mat in a wheelchair.

    【Western-style Room:Twin bedroom】
    We have a wheelchair-accessible toilet and a spacious shower booth.

    【living room】
    A space of about 5 square meters with a TV, massage chair, and refrigerator.

    Room details

    7 people(Due to Preventive Measures Against Corona Infection, there are currently 5 people.)
    Japanese + Western room 23 square meters + twin bed room + living room
    Number of rooms
    1 room
    We always have two types of shower chairs for bathing assistance and a wheelchair available for rental.
    In addition to twin beds, cots are also available.
    Meals are "chopped meals" upon request.
    Please let us know how to cut the specific ingredients.

    In addition, we will consider responding to the needs of customers such as people with disabilities.
    We will help you to have a fun hot spring trip.
    First! Please feel free to contact us.
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    bathtub/Toilet with washer/bedroom/Wash basin/massage chair/Shower booth
    2 TVs(1 Japanese-style room and 1 living room)/1 refrigerator/safe/Water kettle

List of guest room facilities

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms: 18:14 Japanese-style rooms/Japanese + 2 Western rooms
Western-style translation:1 suite(---)

room supplement

All rooms are non-smoking

Standard room facilities

All rooms with bathroom/Shower in all rooms/Air conditioning in all rooms/TV set/Satellite broadcasting/Refrigerator(Paid drinks available)

Internet related

All rooms are available
[Connection method]Wifi
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free


Hand towel/Toothbrush / Toothpaste/bath towel/shampoo/rinse/Body soap/soap/yukata/Hairdryer/Duvet/Shaving/shower toilet/shower cap/cotton swab/Comb / Brush

Outline of facility

banquet hall/non-smoking room/No non-smoking room(With ultrasonic sterilization deodorant sprayer)

Service & Leisure(Including arrangements)

Rental skis(For a charge)/Rental board(For a charge)/Shogi(For a charge)/Game of go(For a charge)/Mahjong(For a charge)

Credit cards accepted locally

JCB / Visa / Master/NICOS

Standard check-in time


Standard check-out time


Supplementary information about amenities

Reservable cypress bath "Nagomi-no-yu" 13:00 to 21:00/6:00 to 9:00
*It can be used for 45 minutes per frame from 0 minutes to 45 minutes every hour.
*Nagomi-no-yu is available for a fee.
 Reservations are accepted upon arrival.Please understand that we do not accept advance reservations.